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Centretown News Online
Sunday, July 22, 2020
�Bike box� debuts on Bay and Wellington
Thursday, 12 July 2020
By Colin Johnstone
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A designated stopping zone for cyclists – a so-called “bike box” – made its debut at the Bay and Wellington streets intersection Wednesday.

A “bike box” is a space, used at intersections, where cyclists wait at a red light, ahead of motorists, and can proceed first on a green light.

Motorists must stop behind the marked space when confronted with a yellow or red light, allowing cyclists to enter from the designated green-painted bike lane.

The boxes are meant to increase cyclist visibility and prevent “right hook” collisions.

Similar boxes have been installed on Laurier Avenue.

New bike lanes on Wellington between Bay Street and the Portage Bridge opened to the public June 29. The lanes link to the current Portage lanes and the Bay northbound lane.

The segregated westbound lane is a two-year pilot project, much like the controversial Laurier Avenue program, while the eastbound lane is not segregated.

Pedestrian crosswalks were installed at the Portage Bridge and Wellington intersection, making it safer for pedestrians to walk into the core.

According to a release from the National Capital Commission, the new cycling features will “improve the bicycle commuting experience in the core of the Capital.”

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