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Centretown News Online
Wednesday, February 26, 2020
Pamilla Street
Monday, 06 June 2020
By Christine Sirois
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Published in : Centretown Past and Present, Streets

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Strawberry-box bungalows, built after the Second World War, line Pamilla Street, just off of Preston Street in Little Italy. The street is quaint and unassuming but its history runs a little deeper. A.H.D. Ross proposes in his 1927 book, Ottawa Past and Present, that the spelling is a variant of “Pamela.” He says the street may be named after the title character from 18th-century English writer Samuel Richard’s novel Pamela, or Virtue Rewarded. Ottawa city directories indicate the street was built in 1921-22 as part of what was previously Dalhousie Ward.

At the intersection of Pamilla Street and Rochester Street, the Sir William Logan Building towers over the neighbourhood. The federal office is home of the Geological Survey of Canada, a division of Natural Resources Canada. The building brings public servants to the street during work hours from Monday to Friday.

On evenings and weekends, the street is quiet once more.

The narrow sidewalks and lots of this one-way street speak to its age. The small homes are homage to a bygone era.

But given the heritage of the surrounding neighbourhood, the tiny street, with its detached homes and postage-stamp lawns, doesn’t seem out of place in the big picture.

Last update : 06-06-2020 14:03

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